Temple Tour organized by Barrackpore Photolovers’ Association

Submitted by admin on Sun, 12/20/2015 - 18:00

Barrackpore  Photolovers’ Association had ventured a Temple Tour at Purulia of West Bengal in two parts. The first part started on 08/08/2014 from Siddheswar Temple of Barakar and covered Gar Panchakot, Budhpur, Pakbirra, Boram Deul, Murguma lake and Suissa.   The second part of Temple Tour started on 21/09/2014 and covered Chhoto Balarampur, Charra, Para, Cheliyama, Banda and Telkupi. The tours had been organised under the leadership of Sri Sambhunath Bhattacharya, a renowned researcher of Bengal temples and terracotta, who happens to be the President of BPA also.

Apart from Hindu temples, Purulia is renowned for its rich heritage of Jain temples built sometimes between 9th/10th century to 12th Century. Most parts are lying neglected in open nature. Some of them are already extinct. The remaining parts which still holds the relics in some form are so much in a dilapidated state that they might be in ruins  any time within years. 

BPA members have tried to uphold this invaluable treasure  through lenses. It had been a very tough and laborious endeavour to reach these temple sites. Most of them are in very remote parts, some are not even motorable, some had to be ventured after walking for miles. Yet the enthusiasm of the BPA members surpassed these barriers and photographed them for an humble presentation to the people across the country.